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      • 電話:0574-88815888
      • 傳真:0574-88862889
      • 手機:13805830507
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      Situated in the coastal open city-Ningbo,Ningbo quansheng century technology co. LTD.(Formerly Fenghua Xikou Xinyuan Pneumatic Components Factory) is a company with strength for specialized manufacture of pneumatic products…

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      • DNC Standard Cylinders
      • MF Series stainless steel mini cylinder
      • MAL Series Aluminium alloy mini cylinder
      • TCL.TCM Series Tri-rod cylinder
      • M2Y Series Stable motion cylinder
      • Solenoid valve(three-port and two-position)3V100 series
      • Solenoid valve(five-port and two-position)4M series
      • AC Series air filter combination(Three Elemnets)
      • AFC、BFC Series Air Filter Combination(Two Elemnets)
      • SFC Air Filter Combination Series
      • QTY Series Regulator
      • O Series Air Filter Combination(Two Elemnets)